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Bold Designs Lawn Care​​


Reliable, Honest, Personable Service

We strive to provide the best lawn and landscape service as possible. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we will fix the issue right away and free of charge. That is our written guarantee!

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We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Leading my guys to bright futures. Being a good leader is about developing growth in all phases. Education first, Business Second.


Bold Designs Lawn Care came about from an idea.  A  defined goal to help young people work while learning a skill. I had nothing else to give but an opportunity. The birth child of that idea for over four years. Though it's been tough finding enough work to keep a crew of young people on board. We have been blessed with supporting at least one high school student for the past two seasons.The Bold Designs Lawn Care team is about giving back to the community. As a small business it is imperative that we stay community based. We stand firm om helping people. This also inclusive of our client base.


Lawn Mowing Service- We are dedicated to cutting grass with care. My crew members are trained on how to properly use all equipment and care for lawns. They are lawn cutting specialists

Mulch Installation Company- We install a ton of mulch every year! It might be the most important service when it comes to maintaining your plants and controlling weeds on your property.

Our prices for mowing, edging, and blowing start at just $30 per cut. We also offer landscape and lawn care packages that encompass all of our services so that you don't have to lift a finger.

We service small town homes to large estates. If there is grass to be cut, we can handle it. We use the appropriate sized mower for your property so damage to the lawn is kept to a minimum

Products Bold Designs Endorse

My company has used and supported these products since start of the business